Behavior and Discipline

You know that your son is struggling in school. The school says that things aren’t that bad and to give it some time, but you know your son and you know that he is not okay.  You know you need help, but you aren’t sure where to begin.

Behavior problems are increasing and calls from the vice principal are becoming routine. 


The law requires that your school district appropriately address the behavior of any child with a disability that impedes his or her learning or the learning of others.

Special education services must be available to all children with disabilities – even those who have been suspended or expelled from school.

Your child’s ARD committee should consider the use of positive behavioral interventions and supports, and other strategies, to deal with behavior problems.  This requirement applies regardless of your child’s disability.

If you child already has a behavior plan or other IEP behavioral supports but they are not working, the ARD committee should meet to consider new or modified services.  

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