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-Audrey C., Houston Area Client

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"Working with Shields Law Firm completely turned our experience with public school around." - C.L., Greater Houston Area Client

Proudly serving students and individuals with special needs.

"Kevin and Jennifer were great to work with ... very honest an caring. It was a pleasure to get to know them. They worked hard for what was best for my family." - Greater Houston Area Parent

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Special Education Law

Every day we put our kids on the bus or go through the drop off line and trust that the school will do the right thing — many times they do.

But that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, our children fall behind. Sometimes, someone gives up and writes-off our kids. We get calls all-the-time to pick up early because of behavior. There is no progress, and there are no answers.

The law protects our kids, but that doesn’t change your current situation or make any of this less frustrating. Our special education attorneys are ready to help.

Special Needs Law

Our special needs lawyers plan for and protect those loved ones who matter most.

Our approach is holistic and dedicated to the unique needs of our clients. We are proud to have built fantastic relationships with clients who see long-term value in focused, high-quality work. Our special needs planning attorneys take the time to understand your goals, thoroughly explain the process, and tailor your family’s unique solution.

Special Education Legal Services

DAEP/ Alternative Placement

Due Process Litigation

Section 504

IEP Meetings

Behavior Hearings/ MDRs

Legal Advocacy & Coaching

Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Focused on the needs of your family.

"[They] always maintained a communication to allow me to have a peace of mind of what was to be expected and status update with my child's case ... If you have a special needs child I recommend [their] services to the fullest" - North Texas Area Parent

best special education lawyer five star
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Meet Kevin

Kevin is a proud father, a former teacher, and an attorney with an extensive litigation background. He serves Texas children and families in special needs matters. 

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Making sense of special needs and special education law.

"We retained Kevin to help with a case with my son's school district. He was clear, logical, and easy to work with. His experience showed as we would not have had the favorable resolution had we not had Kevin on our team." - Greater Austin Area Parent

best special education lawyer five star

Meet Jennifer

Prior to law school, Jennifer taught special education in Texas public schools for almost a decade. 

“Jennifer was fantastic! She was very professional and knowledgeable… meeting with the ISD’s General Counsel was difficult but she kept her wise kind tone but inserted excellent questions, which left the other side scratching their heads!” – Greater Houston Area Client

"Kevin and his team are very knowledgeable. Would recommend to anyone looking for a special education attorney" - S.H., Conroe Area Client

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