A Texas Special Education Lawyer Will Fight For Your Child

Expulsion & Discipline

If you believe a disability is the cause of behavior issues, we fight to protect your child's rights in school discipline matters.

Special Education Eligibility

If you know that your child has a disability but the school isn't listening, we fight to ensure your child's legal right to services.

School Mediation & Litigation

If your child's school refuses to provide the necessary services, we fight for your child's right to an appropriate education.

Special Education Lawyer

The Shields Law Firm serves Texas children and their families in special education law matters. We can help with your special education legal issue, including disciplinary proceedings, eligibility, evaluation, school mediation and special education due process litigation.

Special Education In Texas

All children with disabilities are guaranteed a free appropriate public education, yet over the past decade more than 96% of Texas school districts have cut special education services.* You and your child have a right to necessary services. In fact, special education services provided under federal law currently help more than one million children in the United States.* If your child has a disability and needs services because of that disability, the law mandates that your school district provide them.

Texas Special Needs Lawyer

When you choose to work with us, a lawyer dedicated to your child's special education needs will help you navigate the complex and emotionally charged Texas special education system. We can review your child’s school records, advocate for special education eligibility and necessary evaluations, provide guidance on ADR meetings, defend your child in disciplinary hearings and negotiate with or litigate against the school district.

Source: Office of Special Education Services, Department of Education; Rosenthal, Brian M. Houston Chronicle. 11 Sept. 2016.

Special EducationLegal Services

Records Review & Strategy

Eligibility & Evaluation Disputes

Due Process Hearings

School District Mediation

Expulsion/Discipline Issues

Admission, Review and Dismissal Committee Meetings

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Special Education Law Questions

Yes. The Individuals with Disabilities Act (or IDEA) guarantees free special education services to all children with disabilities.

No, you can fight the school district by yourself, but a Texas special education lawyer can make a big difference. You may want to work with a lawyer because of the complex nature of special education law and the often emotionally charged nature of the process.

A child is eligible for special education services if that child has:

    • an intellectual disability,
    • a hearing impairment, including deafness,
    • a speech or language impairment,
    • a visual impairment, including blindness,
    • a serious emotional disturbance,
    • an orthopedic impairment,
    • autism,
    • traumatic brain injury,
    • an other health impairment,
    • a specific learning disability, including a perceptual disability, brain injury, minimal brain dysfunction, dyslexia, and developmental aphasia,
    • deaf-blindness,
    • or multiple disabilities.
And the child needs a special program, services or other accommodation because of that disability.

Over A Half Million Texas Children May Have Been Denied Special Education Services.

Another 505,444 Texas Children Would Receive Special Education Services If Texas Provided Special Education Inline with the Rest of the United States.

How many additional children would receive services in your school district?


Children in Houston ISD


Children in Austin ISD


Children in Cypress-Fairbanks ISD


Children in Dallas ISD

You can search your school district’s numbers here.
Source: Rosenthal, Brian M. “How Texas Keeps out Tens of Thousands of Children out of Special Education.”Houston Chronicle. 11 Sept. 2016.

Texas Special Education Lawyer Services

Your child deserves a meaningful and appropriate education. A disability or impairment should not stand in the way.If you decide to work with us, a lawyer dedicated to your child's special education needs will advocate for your child's educational rights. We can represent you during all disputes with the school district, ARD meetings, school negotiations, discipline issues, due process mediation and due process hearings.