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Special Needs Planning Services

Not sure where to start?

We understand.

We understand your issues because our lawyers are dedicated to and focused on representing families in special needs and special education matters. Serving families and children with special needs is all we do.

We don’t do employment or business or family law (or any other type of law for that matter). 

We’re here to answer your questions and design a special needs planning approach that that’s right for you and your family.

Initial Call

The next step is to speak with a lawyer at our office about your situation. This is a free call. 

You can call our office directly at 832-422-7333 or reach out to us online by submitting a Talk to a Lawyer request. 

Initial Special Needs Consultation

If you would like us to take a more in-depth look at your matter, you can also schedule a consultation with us.

During your initial planning session, a special needs lawyer at our office will listen to your situation, walk you though our process, and develop an individualized solution for you and your family. 

Meetings with our lawyers are protected under attorney-client privilege.

If you are interested in exploring special needs planning for your child or loved one, our consultation is based on your situation. It will cover special needs planning options specific to your needs and concerns.

First-time consultations start at $200. 

We may advise a special needs trust for your situation, but we may suggest something more simple. There are many special needs planning tools, and we will tailor the right combination and approach to your family’s needs.

Representation options

If there is a good fit between you and our law firm, we will offer an individualized special needs plan for you to consider.

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