Special Education Legal Services

IEP or ARD Committee Disputes

Parents have a number of special education dispute resolutions options, including facilitation, mediation, state complaints and due process.

Evaluation Issues

The law provides rights to initial evaluations for services (FIE), reevaluations, and second opinion evaluations (IEE).

Refusal to Provide Services

In addition to your child's right to FAPE, there are procedural protections when your school refuses special education services or placement.

School Failure to Follow IEP

Your school must implement the services or programing outlined in your child's IEP.

Independent Educational Evaluations

You have a right to an independent educational evaluation, or second opinion, when you disagree with the evaluation obtained by your school.

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Behavior & Discipline

The law requires that your school district appropriately address the behavior of any child with a disability that impedes his or her learning or the learning of others.

Lack of Progress or Falling Behind

Your school may be in violation of special education law if they are failing to address your child's inadequate progress.

Failure to Evaluate

Your school must evaluate every child who may have a disability requiring special education services. You have a right to request that your school evaluate your child.

Section 504 Issues 

Section 504 provides protections and rights to your child.

Bullying & Harassment  

State and federal law protect your child from bullying and harassment at school.