Special Education Lawyers Serving Parents & Children Across Texas

Expulsion & Discipline

If you believe a disability is the cause of behavior issues, we fight to protect your child's rights in school discipline matters.

Special Education Eligibility

If you know that your child has a disability but the school isn't listening, we fight to ensure your child's legal right to services.

School Mediation & Litigation

If your child's school refuses to provide the necessary services, we fight for your child's right to an appropriate education.

Special Education Lawyers

All lawyers are not special education lawyers. There are many types of lawyers who serve families, but often family lawyers focus on custody or divorce issues. There are also lawyers who handle education-related matters; however, very few education lawyers handle special education issues. In Texas, there are a select few attorneys who represent parents and children in special education cases.

Special education lawyers focus on legal issues related to special education services and programs, disputes between parents and schools and disciplinary matters. If you and your child face a special education related problem or have an issue with the way your school is handling services, the Shields Law Firm can help.

Your Special Education Lawyer

Working with us, a special education lawyer can fight for you and your child. We know that navigating the complex and emotionally charged special education system is unbelievably stressful and often seems never-ending. Give us a call today, there a number of ways we can help:

Behavior Issues?

We handle Discipline, Suspension and Expulsion matters. We can also work to strengthen your child's BIP.

Is the school refusing to listen to your concern?

We can represent you against the school in informal dispute resolution or through the formal state mediation process.

Unhappy with your child's current placement or services?

We can review your education and evaluation records, providing legal guidance and develop a strategy to achieve your goals.

Evaluation Issues?

We can challenge the school's evaluation decisions and help with securing an independent education evaluation.

School refusing to provide services?

We can challenge your school's initial determination on eligibility for services and fight to qualify your child for the services they need.