Special Education Law Firm

Suspension & Expulsion Matters

Special education services must be available to all children with disabilities - even those who have been suspended or expelled from school.

School Failure to Identify & Evaluate

The law guarantees the right to request that your school evaluate your child for special education needs. Your school must identify, locate, and evaluate every child who may have a disability requiring special education services.

Independent Educational Evaluations

The law guarantees the right to an independent educational evaluation when you disagree with the evaluation obtained by your school. In many cases, an independent evaluation is paid for by the school.

School Refusal to Provide Services

If your child is in need of special education services but the school is refusing to act or address your concerns, we can help.

School Mediation & Due Process Hearings

Mediation and Due Process Litigation are two ways the law provides parents with a dispute resolution process. While mediation is a more amicable process, sometimes due process litigation is necessary to a resolve special education dispute with your school.