A Special Education Legal Subscription Service for Parents

IEP Expert Program

Free for COVID-19 Front Line Responders

Serving Families and Children with Special Needs is All We Do

In this unprecedented time for students with disabilities, special education legal guidance is more important than ever. We are thankful that we are in a position to help. As one of only a handful of parent-side special education law firms in the state, we know that decisions made over the next months will affect children for years to come.

So, while our law firm has been working on a legal membership service for some time, we are sharing it a little early to allow us to meet the current demand for guidance.

What is the IEP Expert Program?

The IEP Expert Program is a legal membership service that offers parents legal advice and coaching on special education and related issues, a curated resource library, webinars, Q&A calls, and a special education template bank.

As a member, we will advise you on your child’s special education rights and coach you through special education challenges, both old and new.

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First Responders & Healthcare Workers

As a special needs law firm, we wanted to find a way to give back right now. We don’t make PPE, but we can help those front line parents with lack of special education services for their children, virtual IEPs and school closure issues.

We are providing special education legal help through our legal membership program at no cost to COVID-19 Front Line Responders (those health care workers and first responders who are serving all of us right now). This not a litigation service, but our attorneys can help navigate these uncharted waters for kids in need. 


As a member, we will advise you on your child’s special education rights, and coach you through old and new challenges with special education programming, timelines, evaluations and services.

Using our virtual platform, you can schedule a monthly 30 minute legal session with a special education attorney. We will listen, consult with you on your individual situation, and provide legal advice and strategies.

Members have access to live Q&A calls on current special education issues and concerns. One of our attorneys (or a guest service provider) will answer member questions during live virtual calls. Calls are held as needed to catch up with member questions, but at least monthly. 

Members have unlimited access to our curated library of special education resources. 

We provide guidance and answer your questions during live parent webinars on various special education and related issues.

Currently, we hold weekly webinars that are open to everyone to guide them through school closures and remote special education. However, program members will receive additional webinar related resources and have access to webinar replays.

Unlimited access to our special education letter, notice evaluation and service request templates.

Legal Coaching Sessions

We want to meet you where you are, so we are pretty flexible on how you use your legal coaching sessions. Below are just a few of the topics we could cover with you, but as long as it is special education-related, we can provide advice and guidance.

IEP Review

Dispute Resolution

Facilitation & Mediation

Law During Closures

Placement Requirements

Behavior Issues

Compensatory Services

Transition Planning

Section 504 Plans

Virtual Related Services

Private Teletherapy

ESY & Summer School

Apply to Join.

Add a Special Education Lawyer to Your Team.



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through at least August


Monthly One-on-One Legal Sessions w/

Your Special Education Attorney
Live Q&A Calls
Curated Resource Library
Parent Courses and Webinars
 Notice and Letter Templates

 Charged Monthly. Cancel Anytime. 


IEP Expert Membership 


Monthly One-on-One Legal Sessions w/

Your Special Education Attorney
Live Q&A Calls

Curated Resource Library

Parent Courses and Webinars

Notice and Letter Templates

Charged Monthly. Cancel Anytime. 


Membership requires a simple application for a few reasons.

First, as lawyers, we have an ethical obligation to potential and current clients. So, we need to run a conflicts check before agreeing to work with someone.

Second, we want to make sure that our program is a good fit for new members. Our program is not traditional representation, so it is not for people that want litigation services or in-depth and document intense work. We believe that we can help a lot of clients this way, but it isn’t for everyone.

Third, unfortunately, our capacity is limited. We are unable to work with everyone. 

You will be charged when your application is approved. Subsequent charges will be run on the same day each month. You can cancel membership at any time.

Right now, if you are first responder in the COVID-19 crisis, the membership is free. 

No. The cost of the membership is the monthly fee. As long as your membership is active, your subscription rate won’t increase. 

In the coming months, however, we do anticipate increasing the subscription rate, both as we get through COVID-19 and as we continue to add more content and courses to the program. 

Attending IEP or other meetings with you is not included in the legal membership program.

We do, however, anticipate offering “add on” virtual services for an additional flat fee in the future. Virtually attending school meetings will likely be one of those “add on” services.

No. The legal membership program does not include filing for or representing you in any form of dispute resolution. 

You are always free to use your legal sessions or the Q&A calls to discuss dispute resolution options. If you are interested in more traditional representation, please consider a formal consultation with us. 

The free service for front line responders is the same as the paid membership. We are offering it as a small way to say, “thank you.”

We will allocate up to half of the spots in our program to front line responders, and the service will remain at no cost at least through August. When we do eventually end the offer, front line clients can cancel their membership or continue at the rate current at the time of application.

The legal membership program is not traditional representation. It is a limited scope service. If you need a more in-depth relationship with an attorney, please consider our other representation options and scheduling a formal consultation with us.

Of course. Please send us your question; we are happy to help.

While we are unable to provide legal advice to non-clients, we welcome all program-related questions. We also post the most common questions and answers back to this webpage.