2020 Special Needs and Special Education Webinars

5 Ways to get Your Child's IEP in Shape

Take Action After the IEP Meeting:  The real work starts when you leave the meeting. 

Pre IEP Meeting Strategies: It's difficult to end up with a successful IEP without the appropriate preparation.

Stop Leaving the Meeting Too Early: Many parents leave without taking key steps. 

Make An Ambitious Plan: Don't wait for the school to act first, you can set the agenda too. 

Know the IEP Components: Do you know what everything in the IEP means? Can you explain it to a stranger?

Ask a Lawyer Your Questions: During our live sessions, we will answer your IEP questions.

To allow enough time for your questions, we do limit class size. Thank you for letting us provide IEP information and strategies. We value your trust and are committed to helping parents and students through the special education process.  

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