10 Special Education Evaluation Takeaways for Parents

1. You may ask your school district for a special education evaluation of your child at any time.

2. Your request for a special education evaluation should be in writing.

3. In your request, ask that your school evaluate your child for special education services.

4. Address your written request to your school’s principal and your district’s special education director.

5. Your school district has 15 school days to respond to your request, in writing.

6. If the school agrees to evaluate, they must provide: (a) a written notice proposing to evaluate, (b) a copy of the procedural safeguards notice, and (c) an opportunity for you to give written consent.

7. Once the school receives your signed consent, they have 45 days to conduct the evaluation.

8. Once the evaluation is complete, the school has 30 calendar days to hold an ARD meeting, review the evaluation results, determine eligibility and develop an IEP.

9. If the school refuses your request, they must provide: (a) written notice refusing to evaluate and (b) a notice of procedural safeguards explaining your legal rights.

10. If you are unhappy with the school district’s decision, you have the right challenge it. Ask for a private, independent evaluation; Request Mediation; File for Due Process.